Saturday, September 06, 2008

Featured Etsy Artist - 1 of a Kind Creations

I ran across this seller last week on the etsy forum and used her awesome cat Jamie in my Meow Treasury a few days ago.

Jamie is just one of many delightful needlefelted sculptures, each designed and handmade by Deb of 1ofaKindCreations. Some are wall hangings and others come with stands for display. If you'd like a felted wall hanging that looks like your pet, she is happy to take custom orders. She also uses a rag crocheting backing in some of her creations, as you can see in the photo of Jamie.

Deb makes felted people like ALFREDO, described in this poem:

ALFREDO teaches ballroom dance
And makes the ladies swoon.
He hopes that you will take a chance
And take his class real soon!

She says, "I get my inspiration for each character from people I meet or know, and I like to pay attention to each little detail in their facial expressions."

Each sculpture is made from beautiful natural raw wool, she explains, "with lots and lots of use of the special needle that pokes at the wool thousands of times." Some pieces have taken over 20 hours to create.

I especially love IDA, because she looks amazingly like someone I know.

IDA still works 9 to 5
And loves her smoking breaks.
She wins at Bingo Friday nights
And smokes up what she makes!

Her work recently won a Vice President's Ribbon in the Ohio State University Faculty and Staff Art Show! Congratulations to Deb!

Here are a few more characters.

WALTER never left the farm
He worked hard throughout his life.
He took care of his mother,then his aunt,
But he never took a wife.


RONALD teaches Tai Kwon Do
And tutors after school.
Some say he's a role model,
The kids just say "he's cool".


MANNY was a roadie
He worked for the Grateful Dead.
He's proud that it's his claim to fame
But it's all gone to his head!


Click on any photo below to visit her Etsy shop and see more delightful creations.


Rosebud Collection said...

What work..sure is 1 of a kind..very nice.

Waterrose said...

OH my gosh...I just cracked up looking at these.