Monday, September 24, 2012

Chanukah Ornaments

My cousin asked me to make her some Chanukah ornaments to help decorate their family room in December. I found some cookie designs online for inspiration - a Star of David, dreidel and menorah. These are off to Chicago in today's mail!

The ornaments measure about 3" x 3" and the white clay is "Sculpey Ultra Light" so they're quite lightweight. I added a fimo loop to the back of each one to hold the ribbon.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Tutorial: How to Make a Two-Sided Polymer Clay Pendant

My friend Joy loves the musical "Cats" and asked me to make her a two-sided pendant with her favorite character "Munkustrap" on one side and the Cats logo on the other side.

She sent me these photos to go by. She said I could make the cat face look like the ones I usually make, as long as it was grey, black and white.


I've tried to make two sided pendants before but with all raw clay, the first side gets "smushed" as you work on the second side. One of the best features of polymer clay is that you can bake a piece, add to it, and bake again. I thought about it awhile and figured out how to do it.


1) I made the cat side first with a hole poked through at the top.

2) Then I baked it according to the package directions.


3) When it was cool, I added the eyes and letters on the other side with liquid Sculpey on the back of each piece to "glue" the raw clay to the baked clay. Liquid Sculpey turns hard and bonds pieces together as you bake it.

4) I baked it again.

5) Success! Both sides looked great.

I made the pendant and mailed it to Joy and here it is after she made the hemp part with some cute "I Love Cats" beads. She says it's her favorite pendant that I've made her. :)

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Labor Day holiday weekend

Kipp, Rebecca and Everett were here over the weekend so we met them at the park on Saturday. Everett had a blast throwing rocks in the creek. SPLASH!

Then we hung out at Everett's other grandparents' house. He loves playing with Grandpa's phone.

Everett will be 2 on September 29.

Everett with his dad, Kipp

Grandma Judy (me) with Everett

My oldest son's children - Ty, Meg and Paige - with Everett