Saturday, June 23, 2007

Featured Artist - Marmee Craft

For the most delightful read I've found so far in a blog, visit the cozy little whimsy nook of Marmee Craft.

Everything is Alright, Print

I just love these owls! They are found in Marmee Craft's Etsy shop, along with this adorable felted hedgehog. I just want to squeeze him!

A look through Marjorie's shop shows an amazing range of talent ... with original paintings and prints, needle felted creations, dolls, stuffed creatures, sculptural whimsies, pendants and card sets.

Each one tells a story and I think could easily have a children's book written about it!

I was tickled to spot this cat! For the kitty lover, here's
Miss Kitty Cabinet
who loves to wear polka dots.

She also has intriguing "people" paintings, like this one at right, La Fleur print ("He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me!" )

and this one below called Nesting. "All the birds know the best nests are taken from Lily's hair."

Happy Shopping!

1 comment: said...

Beautiful Owls. All the art work and jewelry is gorgeous. All your colors you use are vibrant and favorable to the eye.

Thanks for sharing., Ill be back