Saturday, June 30, 2007

Featured Artist - Ashley White Jacobsen

This week we take a trip to the Etsy shop of Ashley White Jacobsen. What a treat!

The world through Ashley's eyes is full of charming owls, birds, bunnies, cats, dogs, squirrels and other animals, poppies, sunflowers, trees and more. She offers fabulous original paintings and prints, and she'll even paint your child or pet upon request.

Here are some personal words from Ashley herself:

How did you first get started with painting/drawing?

My mom always encouraged my brothers and me to follow our hearts and tried to introduce us early to art. She claims to have put a crayon in my hand at six months and I drew a picture. Though, I would say the first time I actually thought of myself as an artist was in 8th grade.

Your education?

I attended art classes and programs through grade school and high school. I apprenticed and interned for artists/teachers after high school. I attended East Carolina University where I received a degree in painting and a degree in psychology (people are my other love).

What else do you do besides paint?

I mostly spend my life behind a computer, now working for Etsy [Ashley is a new employee, as a Community Advocate] that will be even more of my life and I am happy to do it, But when I am not doing computer stuff or painting, I spend time with my husband, pets, friends and family - sometimes all at once!! My family lives in Asheville, NC.

Anything else about yourself?
-I love any excuse to laugh or be silly. I like to imagine characters and magical worlds of other creatures. My brother, Michael and I like to randomly take on different accents and become these characters - it's crazy fun to do in public.
-I like to make up nonsense songs.
-Escaping into movies is wonderful, and I have recently found that I have missed out on too many adventures in the world of books and I need to catch up :)
- I love visiting random places...random road trips...traveling down roads that you have never seen before and have no idea where they lead.
-Trees.. oh the love of trees!!
-Collecting art and anything cute.
-Taking photographs
much more.. but you get the point :)

Ashley's work is for sale here.

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