Thursday, June 14, 2007

Why people enjoy making things

There was a thread on the Etsy forum this week called "Besides making money, what does Etsy do for you?"

People said they enjoy making things by hand because:
*it's relaxing,
*a way to relieve stress,
*productive and gives a feeling of accomplishment,
*a way to express one's individuality,
*it gives a sense of peace and contentment,
*a sense of being a child again and able to play,
*a sense of adventure,
*it adds joy to one's life,
*offers a challenge to come up with new ideas,
*gives balance,
*is intellectually stimulating,
*uplifting when dealing with depression or hard times in life,
*keeps mind off unpleasant things,
*allows me to breathe and gives me something to look forward to,
*keeps me from being bored.

It was fun to read everyone else's ideas and to give this some thought for my own response. Here's what I said.

"I grew up with an artistic mom who owned a craft and knitting shop, and cousins who were also artistic, and we were always making every new type of craft that came along, so I'm sure the NEED to create is in my genes.

I bounced from one medium to another till I found clay 10 years ago and am amazed that I've stuck to one thing that long, but there are always new techniques to learn and new colors to blend and new ideas of things to make. It's been extremely fulfilling to see my abilities grow and improve through the years.

I've spent my whole life making gifts but it's been a whole new fulfilling experience to have people want to BUY what I make. Selling at craft shows and online has given me the opportunity to share what I love to do with folks all over the world!

Another benefit has been overcoming my shyness and learning how to promote in person, and then online. I've always loved graphic design and photography, and am having a blast with my Etsy shop and now a blog...making everything look pretty and improving as I go along."

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