Saturday, November 09, 2013

101 Ways to Relieve Stress Part 2

I ran across some great suggestions called 101 Ways to Reduce Stress. I think 101 at one time is kind of overwhelming so I'm posting a few at a time.
7. Practice preventative maintenance
8. Make duplicate keys
9. Say no more often (This is a constant challenge! As I grow older, I find that I have a little less energy as time goes by and I have to be careful not to overdo. I cut out a few craft shows this year that involve driving back and forth to another town 30 miles away on Friday and Saturday. It's just too much with working full time.)
10. Set priorities in your life.
11. Avoid negative people
12. Use time wisely.
13. Simplify meal times.
14. Always make copies of important papers.
15. Anticipate your needs.

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