Sunday, October 31, 2010

Meeting Everett

Happy Halloween!

We got to meet our new grandson Everett - 4 weeks old - yesterday! What a joy! My son, Kipp, and his wife, Rebecca, came from 5 hours away to her parents' for the weekend, just a couple of interstate exits away from us. We had a wonderful lunch and the whole afternoon to hold him and see who he looks like. I brought Kipp's baby pictures to compare him to. He looks very much like Kipp with Rebecca's brown eyes and dark hair. He is a sweet, contented baby ... only cries when he is hungry or if you take his pacifier away to take a picture.

My husband Mike, Rebecca, Kipp, Everett, and me

Grandma Judy holds Everett!

Proud parents

Three generations

Mike and Everett

Rebecca's parents


coltpixy said...

What a beautiful family! Congratulations on the new addition!

Gloria said...

What a sweet looking bunch...especially the one with the little pumpkin hat! Really cute, thanks for sharing a special time. Smile today. :)

Rosebud Collection said...

What a beautiful family..So happy you got to visit with everyone..
Love all the pictures..and little Everett is beautiful..Don't they give us hope?...