Saturday, October 10, 2009

Featured on "Cute Handmade"

Thank you to my friend Brooke for featuring me today on her new site, Cute Handmade!

Artsy Clay Feature

My friend Joy's artistic hemp jewelry was featured earlier this week.

Joy's Hemp Jewelry Feature

Do you make cute things and have an online website or shop? Brooke is always looking for new cuteness. Visit the About Us page on her site to learn how to submit your own items.


Ideias&prendas said...

Hello! How are you?
I found your blog trough another friend's blog and I love it so much! You are so talented! :)
And when I saw that you're from America I got so happy! I love America and american people, they're so nice! :)

If you want to visit me, I have got a translator like you do :)


Snowcatcher said...

Oh, my! Those are adorable!!!