Sunday, September 16, 2007

Little Birdie Pendants

I've been making some sweet little bird pendants this week that are listed in my Etsy shop for $12 each.

It's fun to make them in different colors and decorate them with different stamps. It's not always easy to get the stamped images to come out right. I throw a lot away because things go wrong, like the bird might be missing its head (LOL) or the edges of the stamp get inked and show up on the clay.

Then we have a bit of excitement if I miss the wastebasket when I throw a wad of clay. If it lands on the floor, the dog grabs it and thinks it's fun to run around with it in her mouth or chew on it. We have to pry it out of her mouth and get it into the wastebasket. Woof!


SignatureSterling~Untie the Ribbons! said...

Beautiful pendants!!! And LOVE the dog story! Sounds like mine and my beads!! LOL...

PamperingBeki said...

Those are so sweet! I love the creativity you have!!