Thursday, May 24, 2007


I've been tagged by Rain's End and am supposed to list 7 little known things about myself.

1. i am a vegetarian.
2. i've played the piano since i was 5.
3. i taught myself to play the guitar when i was in my 30's.
3. i've traveled to 38 states, Canada, Mexico, the Bahamas, and 13 countries in Europe and Great Britain.
4. the scariest thing i ever did was go hang-gliding off a 500-foot cliff!
5. i once won a size 10 bridal gown as a doorprize at a style show, but i was only 15 and a size 14, so my mom sold it. :)
6. i played "God" in a theater production once.
7. all four of my grandparents were from Lithuania.

Off to tag someone else!

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