Monday, September 22, 2014

A Sign

Yesterday would have been my daddy's birthday. He was born on September 21st, 1915, so this would have been his 99th birthday! He was 79 when he died. Every year on his birthday, I especially miss him...and some years I have received wonderful signs from God that all is well. Yesterday I waited in anticipation. Would I receive a special sign?

I went to church early, before choir practice. I like to practice the piano in the empty church for awhile...just God and me. The cleaning lady was mopping the floor downstairs where I came in, so I took the back staircase up to the sanctuary instead of the elevator, so I wouldn't get in her way. As I went through a tiny storeroom next to the chapel, what did I find? A beautiful flower arrangement, in the shape of a heart. It must have been from a funeral earlier in the week.

What were the flowers? Carnations...the flowers that always make me think of my daddy. He bought my mother a carnation corsage every year for her birthday and anniversary, and when I was a little girl, he bought me a matching wrist corsage every time too, and then we'd go out to dinner. I love carnations because it brings back those memories of his kindness and of the three of us celebrating those special days. Teary eyed, I bent to smell the lovely scent. Thank you, Lord. Please give Daddy a hug for me.

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