Saturday, May 18, 2013

Busy Weekend - Paige's First Communion, Mother's Day and playing with clay

We journeyed to Charlotte last weekend for Granddaughter Paige's First Communion.

My husband Mike and I with Ty, Meg and Paige.
Paige and Meg in the church garden.

Paige's big moment!

The kids had fun Friday evening making things out of Grandma's clay. Paige's cheeseburger...

Meg's food.

Meg's people.

Ty's fish.

Pretty things ready to bake.

Out to dinner for Mother's Day.

Meg made me a beautiful necklace for Mother's Day.

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Gloria said...

What lovely family photos! I know you had some good times, how nice to share. So good to be able to catch up with you after such a busy week, had to work 10 hour days to make up for having a 3 day I could use another one! Hope you're having a good weekend too.
Smile today. :)