Monday, November 05, 2012

Favorite pictures of the week

"Bah humbug"

My friend at work entered this photo of her dog Buddy in an online costume contest at work. This face cracks me up.

Here are some of my grandkids' Halloween costumes.

Everett was a "cheeseburger."

Jocie was an Autumn Tree.

Scott and family were the Avengers. Meg made her own shield out of a pizza box, paint and duct tape. Paige made her hammer out of floral foam, duct tape and a stick from the yard! My son Scott is unrecognizable with a green face. :)

1 comment:

Gloria said...

Now those are some inspiring costumes! Cute Avenger family (although I realize they want to be called anything but cute!) The little cheeseburger makes me miss having burgers all the more (no red meat for me since 2000) and of course, the tree is awesome. I'm sure you just want to hug them all.
Smile today. :)