Sunday, May 01, 2011

Furry children

I spent the day yesterday with my friend Joy. We met through etsy and now are real life friends. Here she is wearing a custom necklace to look like her dog Lily. I made the pendant and she did the hemp work. She got the "paw" beads from someone else.

We had our jewelry for sale at Lyman Elementary School, Lyman SC, yesterday at a festival called the "Spring Prowl." We had fun meeting lots of kids and parents, and then Mike and I went over to Joy's to visit her and Chris. Here are their other "fur babies" whom we adore.

Mike would like to take Ash home but Joy says no. :(

Simon, the biggest cat I've ever seen...part Maine Coon

Sunshine, such a sweetie

Visit Joy's etsy shop and visit mine here: ArtsyClay.  

If you would like your pet done in clay on a hemp necklace, contact either one of us. Have a great day!

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