Saturday, January 09, 2010


When it's too cold to go out (24 degrees high today - brr!) when we really don't have to, what's more fun than cooking up some special dishes?!

We made frittatas today, a vegetarian one with leftover stir-fry and the pictured one with bacon, diced tomatoes and cheese. I chopped and grated, and my husband Mike did the cooking. Sooooo good!

You can include any vegetables you wish but here's what we did.

(Preheat oven on "broil" before you start cooking.)

First, you fry bacon (I did it in the microwave), then break it into small pieces.
Cut grape tomatoes in half.
Grate cheese.
Put bacon, tomatoes and cheese into skillet. Arrange it so everything is evenly spread out.

bacon, tomatoes and cheese

Break 10 eggs into the pan. Add spices as desired. We like Mrs. Dash's Table Blend, garlic, oregano and basil.
Put stove setting on medium. Keep an eye on the frittata. When it starts to bubble, turn down setting a little bit (halfway between medium and low).
Let it sit till it is cooked almost all the way through. (Don't ever stir, just let it cook as is.)

cooking on top of the stove

Set skillet into oven on broil setting for a few minutes. Watch it and it will puff up and get slightly browned on the top.
Take skillet out of oven, sprinkle some more grated cheese over the top, put back under the broiler for a couple of minutes till the cheese is melted.
Let it rest a few minutes. Cut and serve.

Bon appetit!

Just before melting the cheese in the broiler

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Kelly said...

Yummm! I know what I'll be making for supper!