Friday, September 25, 2009

Fingerprint Friday - The birthday gift


My daddy passed away in 1995, and I miss him a lot, but even more so on special days like his birthday which was this past Monday, September 21st. While I went through my routine day at work, I kept thinking of him off and on, and a little corner of my heart felt so blue. The gloomy skies and rain all day didn't help a bit. I especially missed being able to give him a birthday gift.

After work, I had to run downtown to do an errand, which took me within a few blocks of my favorite bead store. I wasn't planning to go there because I didn't really need any beads....but of course if I go in, I can always find something that I have to have, and the thought crossed my mind to stop in just for fun.

Usually it's impossible to find a parking spot anywhere near the bead store, which means going to the parking deck a few blocks away. Not wanting to walk in the rain, I said to God, "OK, I'll stop in IF there is a parking place in front of the store."

I circled the block, and, to my surprise, there was a parking place right smack in front of the store.

I checked the meter and smiled when I saw that it had 29 minutes left.

I went into the store, found a few beads to purchase, and asked the sweet clerk who always helps me, "Where's Rosie?" Rosie is the cat who lives in the store, and I always love to pet Rosie's soft fur. So soothing.

But Rosie wasn't in her usual spot, in her bed on the floor under the end of the counter. Normally, I squat down for a few minutes and pet her and talk to her, but it isn't very comfortable.

The clerk went all over the store looking and called to me from another room, "Here she is." I found Rosie curled up on a huge, inviting leather couch. As I sank down into the soft cushions, I started to rub her fur and talk to her. "Rosie, I love you so much. I am so happy I get to come here and pet you. And today is my daddy's birthday. He would have loved you so much too, because he loved animals."

I started to get teary eyed while I kept rubbing her fur and feeling its softness.

Just then, the song that was playing on the store's sound system ended and a new song began.

It was the one song in the world that makes me think of my daddy.

Bette Midler singing "You are the wind beneath my wings..."

I learned to play that song on the piano after my daddy died and as I sang the words back then, I decided that he had always been the wind beneath my wings ... and my hero.

"Did you ever know that you're my hero,
and ev'rything I would like to be?
I can fly higher than an eagle,
'cause you are the wind beneath my wings."

Tears were rolling down my face.

I kept rubbing that soft fur till I had cried all I needed to.

Through a kitty who loves being petted and a beautiful song, I was the one who received the gift on my daddy's birthday ... God's reassurance that all is well.

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Snowcatcher said...

That was absolutely beautiful. You've brought tears to my eyes. The perfect song at the perfect time and place.

How cool that we both wrote about music today!

Rosebud Collection said...

What a beautiful blog. I am sure your dad is smiling right down at you..I had the saying put on my mom's stone, "Till we meet again, mom"..and that is what we have to look forward to..What a meeting it will be..xoxoRosebud.

Kari J said...

Such an awesome post! You brought tears to my eyes. I know that God and your dad saw that you needed/wanted to go to the bead store and made it so you could. He's always with you and he knows you love him.

Thanks for sharing!

Shannon said...

Kitties always seem to know our emotions and when we need a little extra love. I'm so glad she was there when you needed her. :)

Free At Last said...

God is faithful. As a daughter who very much misses her daddy, I was teary eyed as I read this post. Isn's it the most amazing thing when God offers comfort and peace in the most unlikely places....places we would never think to look...places only God can lead us to.

Thanks for the special post today.

Jody said...

Very beautiful post. God shows His love in unexpected ways.

Kelly said...

that is so sweet! Isn't amazing the gifts God gives us!

littlebird said...

Isn't it funny how sometimes everything dovetails beautifully and you just know...

PamperingBeki said...

OH that is so sweet!

I love that God knows exactly when we need that little whisper or hug from Him.