Saturday, January 03, 2009

Time to be lazy

Snooky and I wish you a Happy New Year!

I have a 4-day weekend so at long last I have some time to be lazy ... after a very busy holiday season with craft shows and many special orders (mostly for co-workers) plus I made most of our Christmas gifts this year ... about 40 clay ornaments for family and friends. Whew! We had a nice dinner on New Year's Day with some family members, and I finished up the LAST two special orders yesterday ... so now I have time to relax!

I've learned over the years that in January I NEED to take some time off from claying to replenish my energy, and to enjoy some things I love to do that I don't have time for before Christmas, namely reading and knitting. I finished one book last night and have another one to start on today, plus I got some yarn at Michael's to make a baby blanket for some friends who are expecting a little girl. Isn't this pretty?

Our doggie is a great role model for lounging around and taking naps. I had to interrupt her napping to get some photos 'cause when she hears the camera, the eyes open. She has the funniest ears and sometimes will sleep with one up in the air. We always wonder how she can do that.

OK, gotta get back to our naps now. Zzzzzzzzzz.


Malicious Intent said...

Beautiful puppy! And I am doing the same thing. Eating gobs of really tasty but bad food, playing with the kids/animals and crocheting. Going to email you some pics of my Mad Hatter's Hat, you can show off, it's mostly all of your stuff on it! :)
Happy New Year!

P.S. Our tree fell over three times and not one of your ornaments broke. Just a testament to the quality of your product. :)

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

We should all take advice from our pets more often and learn to nap!
Here's to more relaxing in the new year :)

Karley said...

What a gorgeous pooch!

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

Snooky is beautiful! I'm relaxing a lot more than I was in December, too. I finally have a little time to work on new jewelry ideas and take a day off occasionally! YAY!