Sunday, December 28, 2008

Soup's on!

My mom used to make Matzo Ball Soup for my kids and me when we would come to visit, first in Illinois and then Phoenix, so now that she has passed away, I make it at Thanksgiving and Christmas because we all love it. I grew up Jewish but became Catholic when I married so we have an interesting mixture of traditions.

Two of my sons and their wives, 3 grandkids and their cousin Oksana came over last night for supper and to exchange gifts. We had salad, soup, homemade bread, crackers and several desserts: cupcakes that Oksana made, brownies that my stepson Johnathan made, and pumpkin pie and cookies that my daughter-in-laws' moms made. Yum!

The kids love playing with my polymer clay and the girls discovered my bead stash and wanted to make bracelets, so we were all very busy and everyone went home with many new treasures and presents for moms and grandmas.

How to make matzo ball soup

My grandmothers would cook chicken all day, make soup, make noodles and make matzo balls all from scratch.

My mother taught me to buy a box of matzo ball mix, make the matzo balls in boiling water, then drain and add cans of Campbell's broth and chicken noodle soup. So easy and quite delicious!


PamperingBeki said...

The soup looks yummy and the kids are gorgeous!

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

I've never had Matzo Ball Soup, but it looks delicious!
I hope you and yours have a glorious and profitable New Year!

Rosebud Collection said...

Have not been blogging much..everyone coming and going..
That soup looks wonderful..Happy New Year to All..The kids are just so cute..

Malicious Intent said...

We had bowling party for our autism families last night and had a crazy hat contest. I grabbed a straw cowboy hat and put just about every pin I have received from you on it with flower sprigs and multi-colored garland. I'll have pictures hopefully tomorrow. Eveything is closed today. I was one stylish chic last night and I think my 10 ten gallon was really 10 pounds! :)

Hope you had a Happy New Year!

Malicious Intent said...

Photos are up! With story.