Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Meditation

Dawn breaks. As the first rays of sunlight filter across the landscape, the world slowly comes to life. Creatures, both large and small, shake off the paralyzing grip of sleep and stretch, as the new day begins.

Flowing downward from the sun, gentle sunbeams continually provide warmth and light, bringing forth the fruitfulness of the earth.

The flowers of the fields, the trees of the forest, the fishes of the sea, and the inhabitants of the land - all things which live and die to bring forth more life do so in a continuing cycle ... dependent each day upon the rising of the sun.

One morning many years ago, dawn broke in a desert town called Bethlehem ... to welcome a newborn Babe. He came to call the world from the paralyzing grip of its empty sleep ... of sin and suffering and faith in the power of earthly goods.

His light shone in the world in the form of a new day ... a revolutionary message of a Kingdom within ... a Kingdom of peace, joy and love.

He is the Sun of Righteousness, shining downward on the earth ... and through His people - His gentle sunbeams - His love continually flows, calling new souls to Him ... bringing forth the fruitfulness of man's creative spirit.

He lived and died in order to bring forth new life for man's inner being, through the continual forgiveness of sin. Washed clean, man begins each day anew, fully dependent on Him ... living in Him and for Him.

Written by me, to you with love

© Judy Tanner 2008

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