Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Back from vacation

We visited my son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren out of state over the weekend and returned yesterday. We had so much fun! We went to their soccer games, to church with them on Sunday and out to dinner, hung out at their house some, and played with the polymer clay I brought. We always play with clay together and they make such neat things like this funny faces piece.

Me and my granddaughter, Jocie, 6 1/2.

My grandsons Stewart (11) and Calvin (10).

Here is Jocie with her big clay pot. I brought a big bag of scrap clay that I had saved for months and she used it all. She kept asking, "Are you glad I'm using up your scrap clay, Grandma?" Yes! I never dreamed it could look so good.

Here are a few of their creations.
Cows jumping over the moon...


Little Bird...

Clay house...

1 comment:

treasurefield said...

Oh.My.Goodness!!! I love her ***CUTE*** little bird! The cows over the moon, too. They're all great, but especially that little sweet little tweet!
I think someone is going to be following in your footsteps, huh?

BTW, I think that's the first time I've seen your face; you're so pretty and so are your grandkids. Aren't you blessed!

:) ~alisa R.