Thursday, August 07, 2008


One of the nicest people on etsy is Keri Joy of who makes fabulous Walldancers out of polymer clay. These are wonderful "Gals" to hang on your wall, and her designs encompass Babes, Mermaids, Angels and Fairies. I actually first discovered her on ebay several years ago and have the utmost admiration for her talent and tenacity.

She has an amazing story of not giving up even during challenging circumstances of serious illness.

In her words...
About The ‘Gals’ & Me:
I began the "Wall Dancers" in February 2003. After 15 years of being a Senior Designer, I lost my "passion" for my art. Just when I said "No Mas!" and "I knew' where my life was going (silly me!) - Our Higher Power decided to display a sense of humor and I've been 'along for the ride' ever since! I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in February 2002 that kept me literally bed-bound. It's been a 6-year tough battle but my ‘choice’ was not to take the victim role. The first dolls were actually made in bed with me in my jammies! I was told by all of my doctors that "these were impossible to do" and still to this day they still wonder 'how I do it.' ~smiling~ You just have met the "Rainman-Of-ETSY!"

For as bad as we think 'we may have it' the reality is there are always people who are truly in worse shape then us and after that reality check, you find yourself thankful for what you do have. I feel that "everything does happen for a reason' and I 'accept' that I am 'supposed' to be on this journey. I have learned many lessons and have met some of the greatest people on this adventure so I enjoy my 'ride' with a smile.
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Rosebud Collection said...

They are beautiful..I have never seen anything like this before..wonderful.

Ria said...

that was a remarkable story and truly inspiring. congrats keri for a job well done and for the great spirit.

and to you my dear judith, you have been inspirational to me and my daughter. without your advise, i would not even discover this sculpey thing. now, we have evolved greatly and still consider you the greatest mentor we have for all times =)

this one is for you, please get it here

because you deserve that! hugs to you judith...