Saturday, August 09, 2008

A story to lift your spirit

I subscribe to OurPrayer newsletter from Guideposts Magazine. This story really touched my heart and I wanted to share it with you.


An old violin maker was once seen struggling up a mountainside.

"Where are you going?" a friend asked.

"To the timberline," he answered. "I need some wood for a violin."

"But you have fine trees all around you. Why must you go so far to get wood?"

"Ah," said the violin maker, "because the wood up there is the most resonant of all. The trees on the timberline have struggled all their lives, fighting a never-ending battle with the winds. As a result, they are of rare quality, strong and full of character. Violins made of their wood produce the most beautiful music in the world."

When you face some difficult task, ask God for strength to meet the test. Out of wind-whipped souls comes some of the most beautiful music in the world.

— Fred Bauer

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