Friday, March 21, 2008

Featured on Two Little Bears

Thank you to Teddy and Pencil for featuring me on their blog! You can see my bear pin/magnet right here: Two Little Bears blog.

Be sure to take a look around their adorable blog!


SilverMagpie said...

Thanks, Artsy Clay ;-)
Have you had a nice Easter holiday?

Teddy and Pencil
- Two Little Bears -

artsyclay said...

Yes, we spent time with some of my kids and grandkids on Saturday and with my husband's family on Sunday. A very nice weekend.

Ria Coleto-Cervantes said...

Oh, what a cute, little, fuzzy, wuzzy bear... (opps, sorry for the baby talk..can't help it. my daughter and I love bears so much!). We're friends of Teddy and Pencil too. I love your clay works. My daughter will be thrilled to see this site. Hope you don't mind if she gets some ideas here? Keep blogging. Pls visit my site if you have

I have featured few clay arts of my 10-year old daughter.