Monday, August 06, 2007

What I just couldn't live without - handmade by Shoozles

A Pretty Rock is this week's host for the Etsy Bloggers Street Team carnival posts on the goodies they have gotten from other Etsy sellers.


Shoozles aka Michelle is someone I met online through When I was writing up the post on her as my Featured Artist, I just had to buy one of her pieces.

I must admit it was a difficult decision because there are so many in her shop I love, but this is the one I chose. It's called "Playful."

That's a great name for this dichroic glass pendant! It's very playful with all the different colors and different types of glass. The separate pieces of glass are fused together like a little puzzle. She got a great shot of it, but dichroic glass is always much prettier and amazing in person because the colors shift and sparkle in the light.

Each piece is one of a kind so you won't find another like mine but do hop on over to her shop and look around.

She has pendants, keychains, earrings and more like these in mouth-watering colors.

Hmm, I just may have to go shopping there again. I'm sure you'll find one (or more) you can't live without too!


Morrgan said...

That's a great shop! Nice choices of items to show off. :)

Janet said...

Great feature! I love her pendants! Sparklies can be so mezmorizing ....