Saturday, July 14, 2007

Featured Artist - Bella Arte by Bella Jean

I first met Dani on the Etsy forums when she was setting up her Etsy shop, Bella Arte by Bella Jean. Her user name, "Bella Jean," is in memory of her dog who passed away. Since she does photography, "Bella Arte" seems to go well with "Bella Jean" so that's what she named her shop. I enjoy checking back every now and then to see what new object has caught her attention as the subject of one of her amazing photographs!

She delights in architecture, so she enjoys capturing buildings and their details with her lens. She used to travel with her former job to big cities like New York where she took several photos like these.

In bold contrast to occasional trips to huge metropolitan areas, she lives in rural Kansas with her husband, his three boys, and lots of dogs and cats, most of whom were dumped near their farm. She finds beauty in the simplest everyday things of country living, like a sunflower or an old barn or abandoned house.

Her spectacular photographs are not just available as prints. She's thought of many other ways for people to enjoy her art and offers postcards, stationery, note cards, magnets and bookmarks in her Etsy shop.

She has recently started making some adorable hair accessories too. How cute are these lady bug hair ponies?!

You can read more about Dani and catch some more cool photos on her blog. Don't miss the picture of the toad on the toilet! :)

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Joey & Aleethea said...

Wow, such a beautiful post and photos too. Thanks for sharing that!

Also, welcome to the EtsyBloggers blog ring - I've received your request to join the ring and have activated your code.