Sunday, July 29, 2007

Featured Artist - Jeanann's Jewelry & Knitting

One of my etsy customers, Jeanann, is into making jewelry and stitch markers for knitting. Her stitch markers are for sale on - look for Curly Brunette's Creations Stitch Markers. Here's one of her pretty sets:

If you're a knitter, you'll enjoy reading her blog,

You can also see more pictures of her handmade creations there, like all of the sets above and like the pretty pink bracelet at left, and bracelet and matching earrings set.

She also made these cute kilt pins. She is a breast cancer survivor and included pink ribbon charms on the kilt pin on the left.

Here are some knitting projects she is working on. The sock is a type called Blue Moon Socks. The blue cable is the strap of a cabled tank top that she is making from Berocco's.

She may open an etsy shop soon ... but in the meantime you can contact her through her blog to purchase items or ask about custom designs.

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